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La Habana - Habana vieja

La Habana - Habana vieja

Walking through Old Havana is reliving the past. Each cobbled corner shows its magic, its past personality of old gunpowder guns still in the road tax. Hundreds of years ago, Old European and African legends converged on the port and settled in the streets to turn into the most important Caribbean colonial center and one of the most iconic of America.

During the colonial period, Old Havana became the epicenter of the Spanish administration in the Island, materializing as much order arrived from Madrid through the edicts made u200bu200bin the Palace of the General Captains, seat of government of the time. Still, the former glory is manifested in its streets, which carry the distinction of World Heritage granted by UNESCO in 1982, however, the historical and cultural essence of this territory, which mocks the daily time , is not found in brochures and other advertising campaigns. The true spirit of Old Havana is not captured by a lens. These lines reflect a vague impression of reality, a reality and willing to be discovered. As said Eusebio Leal, Historian of this city: "you have to walk Havana" so invite you to explore our rich and proud past because the beauty of Old Town, who just radiates transits.

Bordering the elderly remains of the walls, which for two centuries protected the former village of San Cristobal de La Habana, the Central Railway Station, of great architectural value, and the oldest city promenade seen, the Alameda de Paula. Very near these places are some of the most interesting museums across the capital; including the Museum of Colonial Art, He would work the House of the Temple, the Chocolate Museum, Casa Asia, the Museo de Armas and National and International Museums of Fine Arts.

Tours of these areas are almost always made u200bu200bon foot, since the distances are not too large and can discover multiple walk very pleasant walk to the tourist places.

Life in Old Havana focuses on Obispo Street, the main artery confluence colorful characters and illustrious personalities of the city. The book fairs, craft rooms, artistic presentations and restaurants found there demonstrate the necessary communion of the past with the present. In the vicinity of this important road landmarks that can not be missed are. Such is the case of the main colonial plazas: Arms, San Francisco, Old, and The Cathedral of Havana

The fortifications are other places mandatory reference. Every day, crowds of curious tourists visiting these areas to get close to how it worked the defensive system of one of the most valuable cities of the Spanish empire on this continent. The castles of the Three Kings of Morro, the Royal Force, San Salvador de la Punta and the fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña expose the magnificence of the best military engineering of the time.

The Avenida del Puerto, mainly from the Market Trade to La Punta, delighting travelers with lavish views of the Havana Bay, the strengths of the Morro, La Cabaña and the Cristo de La Habana. Along this walk there are numerous bars where you can eat typical national cocktail drinks while classic Cuban trova as Chan Chan, Guantanamo Commander or even always heard.

Old Havana has some of the most famous bar-restaurant in Cuba and elsewhere. Personalities of culture, arts and politics from all over arrive in Havana harbor to sample the delights of mixology and national food. El Floridita and La Bodeguita del Medio are worthy examples of this, as should much of its notoriety both are closely linked to the figure of the American writer Ernest Hemingway. "My daiquiri in El Floridita and my mojito at the Bodeguita del Medio," express the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954.

The Paseo del Prado and the Capitol of Havana are other symbolic sites that can not be left to go. The first, held by eight bronze lions, bears some 2 000 meters long and is a place of recreation for generations of Cubans. While on Capitol Hill, named by some experts as one of the six most important palaces in the world, is one of the most visited tourist centers citywide. Both the Capitol and the Paseo del Prado, are icons of how old and new merges in such a city as contrasted Havana.

Brimming with sun, music, Cuban flags and pictures of Che, the historical district of Old Havana has many attractions for any visitor wanting to learn a new culture, a new country. Therefore, rather than relying on a guidebook, CUBAHOSPEDA invites you to get carried away by these cobbled streets of history.Bon Voyage!

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