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La Habana - Malecón

La Habana - Malecón

The Malecón: the longest bench Cuba

If there is a place that limited to the realm of the waves and the swaying of nitrate as an equal partner would feel, secure boardwalk is called. If there is a space of excellence for peace, ride, love casualty insurance and were located in the Caribbean. If there is a scene where the music is transformed into joy and overwhelms the people with their contagious carnival sounds, sure it would be in Havana ... For many, this idyllic site does not exist, however, hundreds of Cubans enjoy it daily. It's called Havana seawall and is nothing more than an amalgam of feelings and concrete that extends a few thousand meters, from the traditional to the modern Vedado Habana Vieja.

This wonderful and universal fame, work is one of the main streets of the Cuban capital, a concrete mixture, vehicles and pedestrians, who discover the city through those landmarks that are restricted to six lanes, three in each direction that make up the iconic avenue.

Throughout their journey luxury properties such as the National Hotel and the Riviera, a pleasant harmony of how modern merges with unapologetic classic old buildings can be seen. The Amphitheatre Havana and the imperishable Castillo de la Real Fuerza pact with modernity and granted new opportunities for inexperienced shops, specialty restaurants, recreation centers and imperturbable multifamily buildings today outlined the city.

Parks and monuments built in the first decades of the twentieth century, he was awarded the boardwalk a high urban and environmental value that redesigned the image of Havana to the world. Today, national and international visitors stroll while watching towering statues dedicated to heroes of our independence as Major Generals Máximo Gómez, Antonio Maceo and Calixto Garcia. As rooted in its history as a country located in Cuba throughout this important satellite sites that define its future and its past. The monuments erected to the bombing of the battleship Maine, students executed in 1871 medicine, and the modern Anti-Imperialist Tribune explain why certain national traditions.

Complicit in an admirable view of the entrance of Havana Bay, the fishermen of the bay, cling each day hoping to catch some delicacy seabed. No matter the weather, temperatures, or night how advanced you are, fishermen always expect the benefits of Poseidon and the boardwalk each year waiting to be rescued from the aggressive conditions of the coast where the salt and sea flooding, on more than one occasion have abused this priceless symbol of the city.

The indefatigable battle being waged against the pier and sea against time has inspired many visual artists and lyrics. The famous writer Alejo Carpentier, in dissimilar moments of his literary career, spent some ideas full of passion to the longest bench Havana coast, for as the author said that "ornament is unique sunsets in the world."

The magic of the Malecón began over a century ago, when American engineers Mr. Mead and his assistant Mr. Whitney designed and built the first section of the lively promenade, which was officially named Avenue of the Gulf, but the people always hinted without much formality, for the ordinary citizen was just "the boardwalk".

From 1901-1902 the tasks of building the wall ranged from La Punta to the street Crespo. In 1919 they reached the avenue Belascoaín and two years later was prolonged to the vicinity of the monument to Maine. During the dictatorship of Gerardo Machado continued its expansion up to G Street, and in 1950, under the government of Carlos Prio concluded works well near the Castillo de la Chorrera, at the mouth of the Almendares River.

Much of the beauty of the sea wall is due to the work done by the French pasajista C.Forestier Jean, who was hired in 1925 to give the city such a splendor to the most modern and civilized cities of the old continent.

Symbol of the capital, next to the National Capitol and the Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro, the famous wall extends nearly five miles away perishable that has identified over time. Also, its unusual layout served to consummate various events, including motor racing, where competitors have participated as world-class Argentine champion Juan Manuel Fangio-, film footage, parades and concerts.

Moving from the centenary night boardwalk unmasks much of the city life. Music, games, conversations and chance encounters will permeate vitality thousands of feet of pure cement. Impetuous, boardwalk seems to dictate its dominant position from storm waves and the future of all visitors who want to know. So CUBAHOSPEDA invites you to witness one of the most beautiful views in America, where the collar city lights hugging the coast in a touch of eternal love, kiss the sea surrounding the longest bench of Cuba. Without further ado, we wish to live for yourself what a good trip!

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