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La Habana - Miramar

La Habana - Miramar

Miramar is one of the main residential areas of Havana, capital of Cuba, in the town of Playa. The Cuban upper class lived here before 1959 in sumptuous mansions and manors, large patios and other amenities. Being located off the coast made u200bu200bpossible the existence of numerous spas, yacht clubs and social clubs of the wealthiest sectors. The area had maximum security and was patrolled by many police, and its restricted access. The tents were the best known of Cuba, as the Cup, located in the central corner 1st. and 42.

His most busy and important street, Fifth Avenue, with the same name as the famous New York City, is considered by many the most beautiful street in all Cuba.

Miramar has several parks with numerous trees with most roundabouts in the center. Miramar apples were built imitating Manhattan, especially on Fifth Avenue. The majority of houses are luxurious mansions eclectic facades, with large gardens and swimming pools.

After the construction of the boardwalk that extended to the mouth of the Chorrera, Fifth Avenue becomes a natural extension, to the other side of the Almendares River, bringing the new neighborhood and all the territory west becomes new housing seat, this cross was made initially through the drawbridge Pote but represented a major problem for the heavy traffic in the area.

In Miramar numerous artificial beaches, Playas del Oeste calls, but today once free private clubs were built. The call Playita 16 is the most popular for being the favorite of the youngest despite being a fake beach with numerous rocks.

The 1950s was the explosion of real estate in Miramar, this period dates the tunnel and the tunnel Almendares Line to substantially improve access to the neighborhood. The most luxurious buildings in Cuba are built in Miramar stage, real mansions and palaces with swimming pools, large gardens and courtyards decorated with statues and fountains, alternating with yacht clubs and social as the Country Club, in addition to churches truly colossal as Jesus de Miramar, plus hotels and casinos.

The vast majority of the people who lived here left Cuba after the triumph of the Revolution in 1959 and left with their families to the United States, primarily to Miami. Many embassies have no place in this particular area of u200bu200bthe city, there are numerous hotels and tourist attractions as well as other rental properties that offer almost the same services as hotels but for a much lower price. With the collapse of the USSR, the area takes on a new facade investor and tourist image. It is the boom in steel and glass buildings like the Hotel Panorama. Besides other as the Meliá Habana, the Bella Costa Mirazul and mixing elements Cuban colonial architecture with modern neo glassed. Other buildings that stand out are the Russian Embassy, the Miramar Trade Center and the Havana Convention. Protrude well as several clubs and cabarets Tropicana or Le Select, the house of fashion in Cuba known as La Maison, where fashion shows and VIP parties held type, is another busy place.

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