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What's Cubahospeda? is specialized in tourism on the island of Cuba website.

Our primary mission is to provide all necessary services to make your visit to Cuba is full of wonderful moments and each of them is transformed into an unforgettable memory of this fantastic island.

All with the most competitive prices in the country. We try to make every visitor that chooses to offer our guests feel at home from the start, minimizing the damage that often ignorance of the place may entail for those visiting us for the first time.

You only need to take care to choose the area and accommodation that best suits your needs in our selection.

We will handle every detail or other needs that may arise such as:

  1. Counseling according to your requirements and accommodation area.
  2. Pick up at the Havana airport and transfer to selected hotel.
  3. Representation on the island during your stay, which will have a permanent contact with your personal attention to address their concerns and needs.
  4. Shuttle service on the island to facilitate travel.
  5. Guided tours around the island.

How are our prices?

Prices vary according to our specific needs and customer services, but averaged are:

Service Cost
Room / night Accommodation 28.76 CUC
Advice and accommodation area Free
Airport pick up and transport to the airport 25.00 CUC (up to 3 people)
Free if the booking is more than 15 days.
Telephone customer service on the island Free
Service of transport on the island (driver). 70.00 CUC/day.
Guided Tours around the island. From 180.00 CUC per person including accommodation (For groups of more than 5 persons)

On our website you can choose accommodation considering your preferences. To do this you can access the area descriptions and pictures and reviews from other visitors to help you see the pros and cons of each. Although is very demanding when selecting accommodation, no better than other island visitors to rate our service.

How do reserves work?

Due to the problems with the Cuban networks and poor internet connections, almost no accommodation has internet connections making it impossible to book in real time. Despite this drawback, we can be proud of our commitment and efficiency in our work.

We are at your disposal.

Opinions or suggestions

Cubahospeda is a constantly evolving website, that's why your opinions and suggestions are very important, because in this way we will know your expectations and needs for our service.

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