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What are the medals in the accommodation?

Also Cubahospeda Rating System Users
( ), uses a system of medals to qualify accommodations and provide users with the selection of them.

This takes into account the following accommodation:

  1. Zone is located

  2. External and internal amenities

  3. Ratings made by other users

  4. Services provided

  5. Rental rates

  6. Beauty and comfort facilities

  7. Languajes

Each of them contributes to an overall score that defines a standard for housing.

What are the different levels?

The different levels are represented by medals located in the upper left corner of the main picture of the housing; If you place the cursor over you will see a brief description:

Medals System: Operation
Icon Rating level Rating
Level 1 Bronze Level 1 Bronze Between 1 and 25 points
Level 2 Silver Level 2 Silver Between 26 and 45 points
Level 3 Gold Level 3 Gold Between 46 and 70 points
Level 4 Platinum Level 4 Platinum Between 71 and 100 points
Level 5 Diamond Level 5 Diamond Between 101 and 140 points
Level 6 Accommodation Cubahospeda Level 6 Accommodation Cubahospeda There can be only one per zone and represents the best rated accommodation in the area has received in each quarter

The user ratings also scored for the medal system

Each positive assessment (Positive Rating) (more than 3 stars overall valuation) made for a housing, an increase of 5 points in the medal system.

Each negative assessment (Negative RatingNegative Rating)(less than 3 stars overall valuation) made for a housing, a decrease of 5 points in the medal system

A neutral rating (Neutral Rating)(3 point star overall rating) made for an accommodation does not require any changes

Opinions or suggestions

Cubahospeda is a constantly evolving website, that's why your opinions and suggestions are very important, because in this way we will know your expectations and needs for our service.

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